CSG500 – CrashGambler.com Review

What Is CSGO500

CSGO500 is a popular and trustworthy site for CSGO gambling. They have remained very popular since their start in 2016 and continue to be one of the top sites for CS:GO skins.

CSGO500.com has a good reputation and there are multiple videos promoting their website on YouTube, some of which have a few hundred thousand views. This is quite an accomplishment compared to many other sites we’ve reviewed.


CSGO500 is slightly different from other skin betting websites in that it is completely focused on roulette. However, what is quite impressive is the creativity they have put into the game. Instead of having the typical three colors in the roulette game, CSGO500 offers four different colors – a 2x, 3x, 5x, and 50x.

The higher the multiplier, the bigger the chance to win–but there is also a greater risk that you might lose. With the new system, you also get to control the amount of risk your gambling takes, so you can easily build winning strategies.

The game can also be more lucrative, so you’ll have a lot of different options. For example, betting on each outcome would allow you to make huge gains (or losses) depending on the result of the last bet.

Our CSGO500 Review

Although the main focus of the website is on roulette, it has many different betting options and you can even change the color of your next bet based on the previous outcome. It also allows leveraging methods such as Martingale to make big profits.

The roulette options are welcomed by most players and the quick withdrawals combined with plenty of bonuses and giveaways make csgo500.com one of the best CGSO betting options available.

Website Design

Their website has one of the best designs of all the services we have reviewed because of its black and red color scheme. There is a chat tab on the very left side of the screen, but what makes it different is that there are separate chat windows to communicate in English, Russian and Turkish. This is because at least Level 10 is needed to use it. In addition to this, players can also change the language of the service and at the moment there is the choice of about 20 languages.

The options feature is next to this, which lets you navigate quickly on the website. For example, it allows you to deposit and even change your account settings. There is also a Twitter page link, giving players easy access for contact purposes.

Bonuses and Free Coins

One of the website’s main features is its generous bonuses. Every 24 hours, you can get 50bux free, simply by pressing the claim button and filling in a captcha to prove that you are not a robot. While leveling up, this reward keeps on increasing. When you sign up for their notifications, you will also receive a bonus of 100 bux for this.

There is a referral program where you get a code that you can send to others so they can redeem a reward. When they do, you’ll get a bonus, usually around 50 bux.

Payments and Withdrawals

In CSGO500, you deposit your skins by providing a trade URL, and they convert these items into the internal currency called “bux.” Unfortunately, as of now, they only accept CSGO skins for deposits.

To withdraw, all you need to do is visit the shop page and choose the skin you want based on the money you have available, and it will be sent to your inventory. You can use any of your available ‘coins’ to order a skin. For example, one AWP Asiimov skin is worth about 42,700 as of this moment.

Our Verdict

The customer service at CGSO500 is much better than most platforms we’ve reviewed. They have a comprehensive FAQ section that helps you to understand how the bonus rewards work, for example. They also have an email address where you can contact support directly.

The only drawback is that their website isn’t very mobile-friendly, and although everything still works, you might have trouble navigating through options if you don’t have access to the full web version.

In conclusion, this is probably one of the best websites we have reviewed since there are many different games available. Not just one game, but games such as the 50x bet, which leaves gamers with a variety of options. Plus they have a very visually appealing website, which is simply wonderful.

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