CSGO Roll – CrashGambler.com Review

CSGORoll is one of the older CSGO gambling sites that launched in 2015. The platform has a large user base and a solid reputation among gamers. The games at CSGORoll have a proven fair system. Withdrawing and depositing skins is usually easy. All of this makes CSGORoll a legit skin betting site.

What Is CSGORoll?

There are four main games available on CSGORoll:


This game is similar to those offered on other CSGO roulette sites. The game has a wheel with 15 slots, each numbered 0-15. Slot 0 is green, slots 1-7 are red, and slots 8-14 are black. All winning bets on red and black pay 2-1 and winning a bet on the green pays 14-1.


Players choose two numbers from 1 to 100. The game then draws a random number; if it falls between the two numbers chosen by the player, the player wins. The closer to these two numbers, the higher the payout, but it’s also then harder to win.


Standard crash game. The multiplier starts at 1 and goes up until it fails. Players try to withdraw money at the highest possible multiplier before a crash occurs.


Players place bets on which side of the coin they think will come up.

Site Design

The website is very refreshing and carefully thought out in its presentation. It is designed in such a way to present the animation in a fun and engaging way. In fact, what better way to put you in the mood for gambling and games than to immerse yourself in this experience as soon as you visit the site?

The color scheme is also completely dark, which allows the animations and graphics to stand out. The developers made a great decision to ensure the color palette and theme match as best possible. The icons stand out so you don’t miss anything – from the live chat feature to the withdrawal and deposit methods. Everything is very cleverly designed to provide great navigation and user experience.

Game Selection

The game selection available is impressive. There are multiple options to try during registration, they are: Unpacking dice, throwing, crashing, and unpacking CSGO crates. Craps is a game where – you guessed it – you roll two dice and then guess its outcome before the result is displayed. This may remind you of the Craps casino game as they have similar game features.

In the Crash game, you are playing and betting against raising multiplier. Because of the site’s RNG, it will randomly crash and show a certain game result. Roll is a roulette CS:GO game that is quite popular; you hope the result of the highest value in the wheel will be the final stop when the wheel is over. The game is very simple, but the thrill and motivation are great for any gamer who plays the site.

The last game is called Unboxing and here you can trade skins for weapons and higher value options. You don’t need to buy all weapons; some will be given away for free in the game system during the “grand disclosure” hence the name unboxing.

Bonuses and Free Coins

One way to get free coins at CSGORoll is with their welcome bonus. As a new user, you can claim the bonus after registration by entering the promo code. An interesting feature of the CSGORoll website is the Freespin game, which is another way to collect free coins.

In order to qualify, simply add csgoroll.com to your nickname in Steam make a deposit of at least five coins. You can spin one of the three wheels daily for free to win coins. Sometimes, free items can be won with CSGO raffle draws to give away gifts.

Payments and Withdrawals

Payment options available for deposits and withdrawals include Visa, MasterCard, cryptocurrencies, and electronic payments like PayPal. There is a P2P system that allows players can do skin deposits with this option.

Our Verdict

When playing CSGORoll there isn’t much to be disappointed about. Players should be very impressed with the welcome bonus that they receive after signing up. It’s easy to join CSGORoll as the website is very simple and designed very efficiently. As soon as you enter the platform, you’ll realize that this CSGO site is among the more popular ones in the community today.

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